HELGA by Anka.Miau

Handmade Slow Fashion for Wild Souls

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HELGA by Anka.Miau

Limited Collections

Every Collection has it's own vibe and is designed by me with the help of my fury assisstant that might sneak some cat hair into your parcel. I hope you don't mind that little extra love from Flóki!

Handmade and dyed in small batches

Every piece is handmade and dyed by me in small batches or even as a single item. This ensures that you get a true one of a kind piece with no other alike. This also means most of my dyes are OOAK and will not be recreated.

Designed for every body

All pieces are designed to fit a wide range of sizes. Tired of unflattering clothes? There's nothing wrong with your body! Most clothes nowadays are constructed for one bodytype and thus won't look good on other bodytypes. My aim is to create pieces that let you embrace your body fully and make you the goddess that you are!

Show Your Goddess Vibes

Handmade slow fashion for every BODY. Embrace your divine beauty and shine bright


Gorgeous, flattering and size inclusive clothing. You can feel the love that is poured into every piece.

Katja, Germany

I will never be able to express how much love I have for anka and her creations. So warm and magical.

Dominique, Canada

Amazing colors, amazing designs and love that there are sizes for us bigger gals

Annika, Netherlands

Beautiful, magical colors! Very good quality and so so cozy! Feeling like a goddess in it.

Christin, germany

Just WOW! I own two pieces from her now and i will definitely be back! materials are luxurious, stitching is strong and the designs are unique and beautiful. Nothing like feeling cozy AND like a goddess

Kenzie, Canada

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