Otherworldly fashion for every BODY

All pieces are designed to fit a wide range of sizes. Tired of unflattering clothes? There's nothing wrong with your body! Most clothes nowadays are constructed for one bodytype and thus won't look good on other bodytypes. My aim is to create pieces that let you embrace your body fully and make you the goddess that you are!

  • Handmade

  • Sustainable

  • otherworldly

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The woman that creates HELGA

I started the creation of Helga out of my own struggle to find clothes that not only fit me somehow but that embrace the full beauty of my body and let me express myself through fashion.  I struggled many years thinking there was something wrong with me but the only thing that is wrong is stereotypical bodytypes and societal standards. Embrace your unique beauty, love your body no matter what size and dare to be different.

My spiritualism is deeply connected to my northern roots and thus I decided to name this project HELGA, the holy one, the goddess. My clothes are designed to bring a little bit of magic into your life, cause we are all made of star dust.

Anka Miau

  • Katja, Germany

    "Gorgeous, flattering and size inclusive clothing. You can feel the love that is poured into every piece."

  • Dominique, Canada

    "I will never be able to express how much love I have for anka and her creations. So warm and magical."

  • Kenzie, Canada

    "Just WOW! I own two pieces from her now and i will definitely be back! materials are luxurious, stitching is strong and the designs are unique and beautiful. Nothing like feeling cozy AND like a goddess"

  • Annika, Netherlands

    "Amazing colors, amazing designs and love that there are sizes for us bigger gals."

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Release Schedule

✲Winter Collection ~ End of February

✲Spring Collection ~ April/May

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