I do my best to be as sustainable as possible while maintaining reasonable prices for you. There is no planet B, we only have this one beautiful earth and we should treat it with care. I also want to be as transparent as possible so you can make a conscious decision when buying from me. 

Fabrics and Production

All fabrics are organic natural fibers like hemp, bamboo and cotton and almost all are GOTS or Oekotex 100 certified. I would love to use all natural components but I do use polyester-thread to make your garment as long lasting as possible. Cotton thread breaks more easily over time and so seams would come loose. My little studio is powered by eco-friendly green energy.


Traditional dyes contain toxic chemicals that can poison soil and waterways. In the textile industry alone, up to 200.000 tons find their way into the environment. The contamination of natural waters has become one of the biggest problems in modern society. This is catastrophic for the earth.

I use Low impact dyes, they don't contain any toxic chemicals and don't require harsh chemicals to fix the dye to the fabric and require significantly less water during the dyeing process, which reduces waste.

The containers of the dyes are made from Polypropylene, that is 100% recyclable.


All packaging material is climate neutral FSC certified paper, cardboard made from grass or compostable mailer bags and my Flyers and Hangtags are PEFC certified.


With every collection I release I donate to two organizations.

First the MIND Foundation because I truly believe that psychedelics can help us to create a better world. The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy.

“Through my LSD experience and my new picture of reality, I became aware of the wonder of creation, the magnificence of nature and of the animal and plant kingdom. I became very sensitive to what will happen to all this and all of us.”

-- Albert Hofmann

And second the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary by Fiona Oakes. I have never seen a more humble and loving person than her, taking care of more than 600 animals at her sanctuary an running marathons to raise awareness about veganism. I deeply wish for a world where we humans live in peace with the creatures around us. 

What you can do

Treat every item with care and use organic detergent. Wear and repair things as long as possible or as long as you love them. If you fall out of love with an item that is still in good condition sell it and let it have another life.